IncaFé started back in 2007 and still remains a family business owned by Carmen Castro and Joop Verbeek, two individuals whose passion for coffee, organics and sustainability has combined to create one of New Zealand’s most successful coffee roasting companies. We are a small but passionate team with an unwavering focus on quality provides you with superior beans, crafted by our roasters to create coffees that have won numerous awards and captured many more hearts both within New Zealand and internationally.
Founded on the belief that organically grown product produces a superior taste, our coffees are all certified organic, Fairtrade and shade-grown at high altitudes. We take great pride in personally sourcing beans from carefully selected growers from around the world, who understand that natural environments, complementary plantings and non-chemical treatments create rich, healthy soils essential for growing bountiful, full-tasting coffee crops, the benefits of which are transferred into every bean that we roast.
Why choose organic coffee, you ask yourself? Find out by watching this video, highlighting some of the huge implications caused by mass cultivation and use of chemicals. Simply scroll down the page.
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Ask me 4 coffee also started back in 2007 by owner/operator Nadin Rathgeber. This company arose from the pressing need of well trained and knowledgeable baristas in the industry. It focused purely on delivering highest quality barista training in all its facets from home barista to International barista award. Nadin became good friends with Joop and the team during contracted work for IncaFe’ which ended up in a collaboration of quality barista training with ethically sourced organic coffee.
IncaFe’ HQ is the manifestation of that and we are incredibly proud and passionate about the amazing space we are working in and the product that we work with.
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IncaFe’ HQ is situated in Auckland’s creative & artisan city centre area at 31 Sale Street. 
We are proud to be the only City & Guilds accredited workplace in Auckland and we are even more proud to be able to offer the International award in Barista skills to anyone who is serious about working with coffee and/or in a Cafe. You will experience our passion for organics, ethically traded commodities, carbon footprint awareness, quality & consistency, which will rub off on you, no doubt. Every cup of coffee you will prepare or consume at IncaFe’ HQ is a cup full of hard labour, commitment, passion, love, laughter and determination. Our coffee speaks for our mission and our training centre speaks for that commitment to everyone that has an interest in becoming part of a self-sustainable, ethical and healthy coffee culture.

Interview Nadin